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Following a post a Facebook during the week 3 of our young athletes tackled the local junior Parkruns on Sun 23rd June. In Staveley there was a win for Niamh Kilroy who ran 9:53 mins for the 2k course. Philip Grzelak was 3rd at the Holmebrook Valley Park course in 9:29 with Kyrie Turner the 4th girl home in 11:38.
With another weekend coming up with no club events do you think you could go faster on 7th July?


The 15/16th June saw the club in league action in the Northern League on Saturday & YDL on Sunday as well as seeing selected athletes compete for Derbyshire Schools at the Mason Trophy in Stoke on the Saturday. Marianna Owen was 4th in the Junior Girls 1500m, Antoniah Kinsiona 4th in the B races of the 100m & Faith Baines was 3rd in the B shot. Ellie Oscroft was 8th in the 200m A races for the Inter Girls. Aaron Kurian was 7th in the B 200m for the Inter Boys and was also 3rd in the B long jump with Ashton Pickering 6th in the B javelin & Tyler Booth 6th in the discus. For the Junior Boys there was a 5th in the B hurdles for Zac Booth and Dylan Leong took 4th in the B javelin. Full results can be viewed at Mason Trophy Results 2024.xlsb (

At a wet & blustery Hull on the same day our senior team finished in 6th place for the second successive match. There were wins for Liz Duke in the 400m and Lottie Hall in the pole vault where Grace Pollard won the B. Liz also finished 3rd in the 200m where Emme Devine was 3nd in the B. Lottie was also 4th in the discus & 5th in the shot. Ben Fogden was 3rd in the 100m with Thomas Marriott 3rd over 400m and 5th in the 200m. Geoff Lowry took 6th place in the 1500 and 5th over 5k. Dan Burdett had a busy afternoon with 3rd in the 400m hurdles, javelin & shot, 5th in the long jump and 4th in the discus and hammer. Jak Smith took 3rd in the B discus & 4th in both the hammer & shot.

It was a close affair in Rotherham on the Sunday with Hallamshire just pipping us to 4th spot. Oscar Melen won the u13 boys javelin with Tyler Elsmore 3rd in the B. Tobi Duke & Philip Grzelak were 5th in the 75m races as were Tobi & Oscar Melen over 150m. Oscar Siderius was 6th in the 800m with Philip 5th over 1200m where Charlie Cottrell was 4th in the B. Charlie was also 5th in the hurdles, as was Tyler Elsmore in the B. Tobi took 2nd in the long jump with Oscar Siderius 5th in the B & in the high jump it was Charlie in 2nd. Oscar Melen also took 2nd in the shot with Philip 3rd in the B.

Emily Ross won the u13 girls javelin and was 2nd in the shot, in the B strings Kyrie Turner won the shot & was 4th in the javelin. Bella Egley was 6th in the A 75m and Lottie Mole 1st in the B with the same athletes 4th & 1st over 150m. Martha Smith was 6th in the 800m and Lily Timperley 4th in the B and over 1200m Honora Widdowson was 4th. Jessica Sanderson was 3rd in the hurdles with Honora winning the B. Lottie took 2nd in the long jump with Jessica triumphing in the B and in the high jump Jessica & Lily both took 2nd places.

Solomon Birkill was 2nd in the u15 boys 200m & 4th in the 100m where Harvey Cawley took 3rd in the B race. Zac Booth was 4th in the hurdles. Harvey took 6th in the long jump with Zac 3rd in the B and Sol was 4th in the high jump. Dylan Leong was 2nd in the shot, Harvey 3rd in the discus with Dylan winning the B and in the javelin Dylan was 3rd & Zac 2nd in the B.

In the u15 girls events Antoniah Kinsiona was 3rd in the 100m and 4th over 200m with Sophie Kelley taking 3rd in the B in the shorter sprint & 5th in the 200m. Over 300m Isobel Molloy was 5th in the A with Freya Curtis 6th in the B. Beth Galletly & Niamh Kilroy took 6th places in the 800m and Marianne Owen was 3rd in the 1500. Evie Curtis & Emily Marathalingam took 6th spots in the hurdles, as did Faith Baines & Niamh in the javelin. In the long jump Freya was 6th & Mazie Taylor 4th in the B with Sophie 5th in the high and Evie 3rd in the B. Mazie was 4th in the shot where Faith took 2nd in the B. Faith & Holly Buckley were 5th & 4th in the discus A & B respectively with Mazie & Holly occupying 3rd places in the hammer.

Full results of both league matches will be posted on P10; Results Lookup (


8/9th June saw the Northern Senior & u20 Championships held in Middlesbrough where Beth Falconer took the senior women's pole vault title with a best height of 3.20m. Also in action was Nathan Gavaghan in the senior men's 100m, running 11.29secs for 3rd in his heat before finishing 6th in his semi final.


Monday 27th May saw the Northern Inter Counties take place in the Bank Holiday sunshine of Blackpool. A number of the club's u15 and u17 athletes were selected for Derbyshire following their performances at the County Championships a couple of weeks earlier.

Ellie Oscroft was 3rd in her race of the u17 women's 100m and Marianna Owen took 6th in the u15 girls 800m. Grace Pollard posted in pb in the women's pole vault competition, finishing in 10th place. There were also shot put pb's for Tyler Booth, with 11.12m in the u17 men's event, and for Faith Baines with 8.24m for the u15 girls. Solomon Birkill & Grace also competed in the high jump competitions.


Match 3 of the Derbyshire Mini League saw us finish in 2nd place behind AVEAC on Sat 1st June. Ruby Thomson won the u11 girls howler with Jessica Hayter in 5th & for the boys Lucas Melen was 5th and Alexander Ganecki 6th. In the boys long jump there was a 7th place for Kobi Barraclough with Lucas 8th with Kobi also 4th over 600m. Ruby took 2nd place in the girls 600m & the 150m where Jessica was 7th. Kobi and Lucas were 5th in the 75m & 150m respectively with Jessica taking 6th in the 75m.

Honora Widdowson & Jessica Sanderson were 1-2 in the u13 girls hurdles and in the 100m it was Lottie Mole & Emily Hayter who took 1st & 2nd. There was another 1-2 in the long jump with Lottie getting the better of Jessica in a tight contest. Lottie was also 2nd over 200m with Emily 3rd. Over 800m Honora was 4th and Martha Smith 6th. Emily Ross won the discus and was 2nd in the shot with Kyrie Turner 3rd in both events. The u13 girls also won their relay. For the boys Oscar Melen won the discus, with Philip Grzelak 3rd, and was 2nd in the shot with Philip 4th. Charlie Cottrell took top honours in the high jump with Tobi Duke 5th. Tobi was 2nd over 200m, where Oscar was 6th, and 4th in the 10m with Charlie 6th. Philip was 5th in the 800m with Oscar Siderius 8th.

Harvey Cawley won the u15 boys discus and Niamh Kilroy & Mia Chadbourne 4th and 5th in the girls event. Sophie Kelley won the girls high jump with Beth Galletly =2nd and in the boys long jump Sol Birkill was 4th and Harvey 5th. In the shots Faith Baines was 2nd with Niamh 6th & Zachary Mayers 5th for the boys. Evie Curtis & Emily Marathalingam were 4th & 6th in the hurdles and Anthonia Kinsiona took 2nd placed in both the 100m & 200m. In the shorter sprint Jeanie Cadman was 4th and Sophie 4th over 200m. In the boys sprints Sol & Harvey were 4th and 5th over 100n and in the 200m Sol 3rd & Zachary 5th. Marianna Owen placed 2nd in the 800m where Beth was 4th. Zach Booth was 2nd in the hurdles and there was also a win for the u15 girls 4x100m team.

There were a number of pb's secured in the non-scoring events; Freya Curtis over 100m, Mollie White, Ellie Madin & Lola Forde in both sprints and also for Grace Llewelyn & Ruby Whelpton in the 200m. Lily Timperley & Anya Clarke also ran pb's in the 800m, Grace, Mollie & Anya did likewise in the hurdles. Lily also pb'd in the long jump, as did Ruby Whelpton. Coral Wilson also set best new marks in the long jump & shot. Full results can be viewed at Results (


There were some excellent individual performances at the second match of the Upper YDL on 26th May, before the heavens opened and the match had to be abandoned due to the stormy weather. Despite the shortened programme the club finished in 3rd place. Bradley Kirk threw twice as far as his competitors in taking the u20 men's discus and in the u20 women's events Lottie Hall took 2nd places in both the shot & discus.

Attiya Farmer won the u17 women's shot & was 2nd in the discus, also setting personal bests in both events. Ellie Oscroft took 2nd places in the A string 100m & 200m with Layla Duke taking 2nd in both of the B races. Over 300m Sky Lamb was 3rd and she also took 2nd in the long jump. Tyler Booth won both the u17 men's shot & discus and Aaron Kurian returned to form to win the long jump. Aaron also took 3rd in the 100m A string with Matthew Sagar taking 2nd in the B before finishing 4th in the A string 200m, finishing narrowly outside his pb in both.


The weekend of the 18/19th saw our senior athletes tackle the first Northern League of the year & our u13/15's compete at the second match of the Lower YDL.

Ben Fogden was 4th in the 100m and 2nd over 200m in the Northern League at Doncaster. LIz Duke took 2nd places in the 200m and 400m, Emme Devine also took 2nd in the B 200m. Thomas Marriott was 4th over 400m and in the distance events Geoff Lowry was 5th in the 1500m and 4th in the 5000m. In the high jumps Mark Beer was 2nd, Charlotte Hickin 4th & Grace Pollard 2nd in the B. Lottie Hall won the women's pole vault with Josh Dorward 4th in the men's event. Mark took 2nd in the javelin, 3rd places in the long & triple jumps as well as the shot where Jak Smith was 4th in the B. In the women's shot Lottie was 5th with Charlotte winning the B. Lottie was 2nd in the javelin with Rebecca Wardle winning the B. Full results are on P10; Results (

Sunday saw us finish in 4th place at Doncaster, which is an improvement on the 5th at match 1, and means that all points are vital going into the final 2 matches. Zachary Mayers & Harvey Cawley were 4th in the A & B 100m for the u15 boys. Solomon Birkill was 2nd in the high jump, 3rd over 200m and 5th in the 300m. Over the hurdles Zac Booth took 4th and later in the day was 3rd in the javelin where Dylan Leong won the B. Harvey was 2nd in the discus, where there was another B win for Dylan.

Antoniah Kinsiona was 3rd in the u15 girls 100m with Sophie Kelley taking 6th in the 200m. In the middle distances Marianna Owen was 2nd in the 800m and Holly Buckley 5th over 1500m. Evie & Freya Curtis were 5th in the A and 4th B in the hurdles respectively. Jeanie Cadman was 2nd in the high jump & 3rd in the long, Evie and Mazie Taylor were 3rd in the B string of those events. Mazie & Faith Baines were 2nd in the A & B shot put with Faith taking 6th in the jav where Niamh Kilroy was 4th in the B.

Oscar Melen won the u13 boys javelin and took 2nd in the shot. Tobi Duke took 4th place in the 75m & 150m, Oscar Siderius was 5th in the 800m & over 1200m Philip Grzelak was 4th. Tobi was 2nd in the long jump where Oscar Siderius set a pb in the B string.

In the u13 girls events Bella Egley was 3rd in both the 75m & 150m. In the 800's Emily Hayter was 6th in the A and Martha Rose Smith 3rd in the B. Honora Widdowson placed 4th over 1200m with Anya Clark 2nd in the B. In the long jump Jessica Sanderson was 2nd with Lily Timperley winning the B, Lily was 3rd in the high jump with Jess 2nd in the B. Emily Ross took 2nd placed in the A string javelin & shot with Kyrie Turner winning the B shot. A full set of results can be seen at YDL 2019 (


The 11/12th May saw the County Championships in Derby with a number of superb performances in the sunshine. Liz Duke set 2 new Championship Best Performances in the masters women's 100m & 400m with Beth Falconer also breaking the previous CBP in the senior women's pole vault.

In the u13 girls events there was a double win for Bella Egley in the 100m and 200m. Jessica Sanderson also secured a gold in the hurdles with Honora Widdowson taking the bronze. Jessica also took bronze in the long jump, as did Emily Ross in the shot. Marianna Owen took gold in the u15 girls 800m and silver over 1500m. There was also a silver for Faith Baines in the shot. Grace Pollard took double gold in the u17 women's high jump & pole vault. Ellie Oscroft took silvers in the 100m and 200m & Sky Lamb plundered bronze over 300m. Katie Rylance was another bronze medal winner, in the javelin. Lottie Hall was another double gold winner, in the u20 women's pole vault & shot. In the senior women's events Charlotte Hickin won the high jump with Rebecca Wardle & Liz Duke 2nd in the javelin and 200m respectively.

In the u13 boys long & high jumps Tobi Duke took the gold medals. Oscar Melen took the top honours in the javelin as well as silver in the shot where Philip Grzelak gained bronze. Solomon Birkill won the u15 boys high jump, Zac Booth took the javelin & there was a silver for Kyzley Williams. There were 2 silvers for Tyler Booth in the u17 men's shot & discus, Josh Dorward was another silver medallist, in the pole vault, and over 200m there was a bronze for Aaron Kurian. Bradley Kirk took golds in both the u20 men's shot & discus. Ben Fogden was another gold medallist, in the senior men's 100m with Thomas Marriott taking the top honours in the 400m. Josh Turkington took javelin silver too. In the masters men's events Mark Beer took high jump gold and shot & discus silvers.


A busy weekend for the club saw things kick off with Match 2 of the Derbyshire Mini League on Saturday 27th April with another 3rd place overall. There were wins on the day for Christopher Devine with a huge throw in the u11 boys howler, Emily Ross in the u13 girls shot and for the u15 girls Marianna Owen, Jeanie Cadman & Niamh Kilroy in the 1500m, long jump and javelin respectively.

In the u15 girls hurdles Evie Curtis & Emily Marathalingam were 4th & 5th , Antoniah Kinsiona was 2nd in the 100m with Jeanie in 6th place. Over 300m Marianna was 2nd and Antoniah 5th & Holly Buckley took 6th in the 1500m. On the field Evie Curtis was 4th in the long jump, Faith Baines & Aoife Galletly 2nd and 6th in the shot and Faith was also 4th in the javelin. Zac Booth was 3rd in the u15 boys javelin and 4th in the shot where Zachary Mayers was 5th. Solomon Birkill was 2nd in the high jump and 300m and had a 3rd place in the 100m. Zachary was 5th in the 100m & 300m and Zac took 2nd in the hurdles.

Oscar Melen took 2nd placed in the u13 boys shot and javelin with Tobi Duke taking 3rd in the shot & 5th in the jav. In the long jump Oscar Siderius and Enzo Harbour were 6th & 8th. Enzo placed 6th in the 100m with Philip Grzelak 7th and the same 2 athletes occupied 4th & 7th over 200m. In the 1500m Philip & Oscar were 6th and 7th. Jessica Sanderson & Honora Widdowson were 3rd & 4th in the u13 girls hurdles, Bella Egley took 2nd in the 100m, where Emily Hayter was 7th, and was 5th in the 200m where Jessica was 3rd. Honora & Martha Rose Smith were 4th & 5th over 1500m. In the high jump there was a 2nd place for Lily Timperley with Jessica 4th. Kyrie Turner was 4th in the shot and Emily Ross was 2nd in the javelin with Gabi Whelpton 4th.

In the u11 events we had no girls competing but the boys picked up valuable points; Lucas Melen was 5th in the 75m & 6th in the 150m where Christopher was 4th. Christopher was also 4th in the 600m and Lucas 7th in the howler.

In the Upper YDL, for u17 & 20 athletes, there was a 3rd place finish in York on Sunday 28th April. In the u20 men's discus and shot there were wins for Bradley Kirk. Lottie Hall won the u20 women's javelin as well as placing 2nd in the shot & discus. There was a 3rd place finish for Matthew Sagar in the 100m, a position also achieved by Aaron Kurian in the 200m where Matthew was 2nd in the B. There was a double win for Tyler Booth in the shot and discus & Ashton Pickering competed for the club for the first time, winning the javelin. Ellie Oscroft dominated the u17 women's 200m and took 2nd place in the 100m where Layla Duke was 2nd in the B. Sky Lamb won the long jump & was 3rd in the 300m. Atiya Farmer was 2nd in the discus & 3rd in the shot.

The full results of both matches will be published at Results Lookup (