Athletics is one of the sports where the number of Technical Officials needed to run a race is greater than the number of competitors.

To hold a 100 metre sprint race with 8 athletes, 20 Technical Officials are required:

•   Starter
•   Marksman
•   5 Track Judges
•   5 Time Keepers
•   5 Photo Finish Operators and Judges
•   2 Seeders
•   1 Announcer…. and the list increases for international and televised events.

Where do all these people come from, do they get paid, are they trained and how can an athletics competition be financially viable?

The Technical Officials are all volunteers, parents, friends who have received training from our governing body. Details of the courses avaulable can be found at Athletics Officiating & Officials Courses | England Athletics

Additional points are awarded to clubs who provide Technical Officials to run league matches. Clubs have been demoted and missed out on promotion because they could not provide Technical Officials. This is a sad situation when you realise that most parents of competing athletes are at the competitions.

Chesterfield Athletics needs your support, can you help and volunteer to become a Technical Official at Athletic events.

If you are interested, full training and support is available.