Club Vests
UKA rules insist that club vests or t-shirts must be worn at competitions
£17.50 all sizes
£17.50 crop tops
£5.00 for replacement t-shirts (free to all first time members)

Club Rain Jackets
A must for wet and windy conditions, Prostar Hurricane Rain jacket in navy/royal blue with the Club name printed on the back panel.

All sizes: £25.00 each.

Club Hoodies
£20.00 All Sizes

Please ask at any training session for above items

Spike Swap Scheme
The club has a scheme to find homes for unwanted spikes. So why not give a young athlete a fresh start..... We all know how expensive Spikes are and just how quickly young feet grow.

It's simple and works like this; Pass your old or unused spikes to Frank Gorman or hand them to your Coach at training. All are priced at £10.00 per pair. See Frank Gorman at training, if interested.

Loose Spikes
£2.00 per set